Jack and Carey were raised in Alaska when their parents moved from California to homestead in the 1950's. They raised their 3 children there and now enjoy 9 wonderful grandchildren.

They operated a successful construction business until 2020 when they retired. Property development is one of Jack's specialties, he is the "visionary" and Carey is the "rock hound" so it seemed natural to create this oasis on their property for their enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.

The waterfall is the largest private waterfall in the state and the waterwheel and creeks create the sound of flowing water that is restful and gives the feeling of  being on vacation.

Jack and Carey sincerely want this property to bless you and enhance your special event or wedding.

"He turns a wilderness into pools of water,
And dry land into springs."
- Psalm 107:35

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